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Sunday, September 18, 2005


Thanks for all your feedback on the course so far! Overall, you'd like me to continue using the tablet instead of the white board (even if you don't listen to the podcasts or watch the screencasts). About 1/4 of you are using the recorded materials, and are happy to have them.

The pace seems to be alright for some to slightly fast for others. If you lose the thread in lecture, be sure to stop me and ask. It's very likely that if you have lost the thread or missed a point, two other people have as well.

Interesting questions you raise:

Can I connect all the different equations?
Why if there is a node in a 2s, is it still classifed as "s"? Does the node have any significance?
Why an eigenvalue?
What does ψ measure?
Mathematica is confusing!
Why are Cheetos orange?
Where does Schrodinger's equation come from and why should I just accept it?
How to find uncertainty and probablity?
How to deal with electrons in rings in the free particle model?
What's the point of quantum mechanics?
What math should we review?
How can you predict the color of something using PIB?
What does orthonormality have to do with anything?

Watch this space for the answers!


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